arrow_big We are proud to announce our new revolutionary dieting method and diet plan for women and men, CleverCalories, the best weight loss app. Where, instead of tracking equivalent calories and macronutrients, you only track clever calories. By using our method you will make sure you have been clever enough on a daily basis to lose the weight you want. How? By tracking your food IQ or what we call the Food Quotient (FQ). the most important part of this program.
arrow_big There is absolutely no restriction on what you can eat in CleverCalories Method. However, by using our Clever calorie counting app you will learn to manage how to make the most clever choices and eventually learn how to keep your Food Quotient (FQ) as close to 100% as possible every day.

Science behind CleverCalories

1- Equivalent calories play a major role when calculating clever calories. However, That’s just the first step.

2- The second step is where we look into the source of those calories.

3- Saturated fat and sugar play a major role in very bad ways.

4- Fiber and protein are essential nutrients you need to consume in sufficient amounts for a healthy diet. The more fiber and protein a food contains, the more clever that food is.

5- Carbs are another crucial nutrient you need to get on a daily basis. There is a minimum and maximum of daily carbs that is healthiest, and you need to stay within the range to achieve best results. Going beyond either the lower or upper ends of what you need will reduce your food cleverness.

6- We then factor all the macronutrients listed above into equivalent calories and can create Clever Calories for any food.

7- The most clever choices are the ones where their clever calories are lower than their equivalent calories. Don’t worry! we categorize all foods into five (5) different color groups, so you can easily recognize the clever ones.



8- Now you can pick all your clever choices wisely, best foods for weight loss. Does it mean you will obtain all your required daily nutrients in the proper amounts? Not necessarily! The most important part of the CleverCalories Method is your daily food IQ or Food Quotient (FQ). You need to manage it, and get as close to 100% as possible on a daily basis.

9- The result: You will start eating healthily and cleverly by learning about the whole concept of the CleverCalories Method. You will be avoiding sugar and unhealthy fat, obtaining within-budget protein and carbs. and importantly by consuming enough fiber.



The best thing about it? It really works!


  • The Equivalent Calories approach is wrong :

    Put the idea of equivalent calories aside. Most diet programs and weight loss apps don’t work because they are based on the wrong and obsolete “all calories are equal” principle which has never been a clever approach to losing weight.

  • Clever Calories NOT Equivalent Calories:

    We calculate the clever calories for every food you track based on the sources of those calories in order to provide the fastest way to lose weight.

  • Food Quotient(FQ) :

    Food Cleverness (or Food IQ) is the most important element of weight loss management which is missing from all other diet programs. Food Quotient (FQ) is calculated based on all the allowable range of calories and macronutrients on daily basis and is the most crucial measurement in making sure you are on the right track and remain on the right track.

  • feet Every Single Step Counts :

    While you are walking, cleaning, shopping, working … we count the sum of all your activities. Keep active and keep track and you may earn a few glasses of red wind to add to your weekend budget!

  • glass Track Your Water Consumption:

    Making sure you drinking enough water on a daily basis plays a major role in weight loss management. We strongly encourage you to drink at least your minimum required daily water. Keep up your level of hydration and you will earn some glasses of wine (or extra clever calories) to add to your weekend budget.

  • Daily Clever Report :

    You will receive a Clever report and nutrition analysis daily to help you determine your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to your eating habits. On our program, you will learn Quickly what to eat and how much to eat for best results!

  • Track your Progress :

    You will see how you are progressing at the scale, FQ, and reduced clothing sizes. A nutrient tracker tool is also included to automatically keep track of all nutrients, water, and the calories you burn.