Who We Are?

We are a clever team! An innovative and creative small team that thinks big.
We are the creator of CleverCalories Method, the best weight loss app, and inventor of Clever Calories and the Food Quotient (FQ). We believe in a clever new approach to lose weight that can anybody can use easily, built around our comprehensive and self-educating app. We understand that the science of nutrition is complicated and most people may have many difficulties with the overwhelming choice of nutritional tips along with the many weight loss apps and calorie intake calculator’s out there which often makes it hard to choose the most clever choices of how to put together a diet plan for women as well as men..

We are proud to help make your nutrition choices simpler, as easy as just tracking clever calories, Food IQ, and picking the clever foods which we’ve categorized in five (5) easy to remember colors groups. Now everyone can easily make their most clever choices for their diet and choose the best foods for weight loss.

We are dreamers who dream of a world where people know what to eat and what they eat! We are here to make the today’s busy life just a little more healthier.