You are what you eat. Be Clever! Eat Clever!

We believe the most ridiculous myth in weight loss management is that every calorie has the same value when it comes to how to lose weight fast for women and men. This is absolutely UNTRUE!

Go Beyond Only Losing Weight with The Best Weight Loss App

By making use of the CleverCalories Method, you will make sure you are losing fat not water, the quickest way to lose weight permanently. Our number one mission is to help you switch from the obsolete principle ‘all-calories-are-equal’ calorie counting to the CleverCalories principle based on Food Intelligence. Our new approach to lose weight focuses on your health to ensure you eat cleverly. Actual weight loss will be your reward.

  • Benefit from Clever Calories NOT equivalent calories.
  • All foods are categorized in five (5) different colors, so you can easily put together a diet plan for making clever choices on what to eat.
  • Get your nutrition analysis report based on macronutrients that are as important as Clever Calories providing you the best foods for weight loss

  • Calculating clever calories is just the start. Even more important is determining your everyday Food IQ, what we call FQ
  • Track your steps and water intake to create your weekend clever budget. You can earn yourself a few glasses of red wine!
  • Calorie counter app to calculate the Clever calories of any food or recipe.

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